“Be thrown in at the deep end”: The CIO takeover and the path to stability

An unexpected situation arose in the middle of a municipal company’s ongoing operations: the Chief Information Officer (CIO) was suddenly unavailable due to illness and a temporary replacement had to be found. As a result, an interim CIO took on the responsibility to lead the organisation during this period of volatility.



Work area

Interim management



Project duration

about 6 months


> 1.300


Taking over control activities, supervising major projects and managing employees in the absence of the CIO was a complex task.

In addition, a reorganisation project to restructure IT management and the tendering of service packages had to be managed. According to the saying “throwing in at the deep end”, the project manager/executive was put in this situation without prior preparation or familiarisation.

All decisions had to be made in the interests of the job holder, but at the same time new impulses had to be introduced.

Solution approach

In order to overcome these challenges, a permanent presence on site and ongoing discussions with employees were essential.

Active integration into ongoing projects built trust and ensured transparent communication.

This enabled the smooth implementation of the reorganisation of IT management and the successful tendering of the service packages.


Technical & economic benefits

Thanks to the consistent approach and close collaboration with the team, the goal of replacing the incumbent 100% until his return was achieved.

The implementation of the reorganisation of IT management led to a more efficient way of working and an improved focus on the company’s objectives. The successful integration of the new service provider made it possible to optimise processes and reduce costs.

Overall, taking on the role of CIO while on sick leave was a challenging task, but thanks to a structured approach and close collaboration with the team, a successful outcome was achieved.

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